Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge


Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge is a northern treasure in the National Wildlife Refuge System. It consists of nearly 30,000 acres of federally protected lands in northeastern coastal Maine. The refuge’s landscape is varied, with rolling hills, large ledge outcroppings, streams, lakes, bogs, and marshes. The diversity of forests and wetlands provides habitat for over 225 species of birds, endangered species, resident wildlife and rare plants. A northern hardwood forest of aspen, maple, birch, spruce and fir dominates the upland. Scattered stands of majestic white pine are common. The Edmunds Division boasts several miles of rocky shoreline where tidal fluctuations of up to 24 feet occur twice a day.

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge has two divisions and covers more than 30,000 acres:

  1. The northern unit, the Baring Division, is the larger of the two units and lies just south of Calais, Maine. The Refuge Headquarters is located in this Division and provides maps and information. To reach Headquarters take Charlotte Road off Route 1 and follow signs.
  2. The southern division of Moosehorn is located in Edmunds, Maine off Route 1. Both Divisions offer hiking trails, and a short scenic driving loop. Look for the Vehicle Icon on our Refuge maps to locate where these scenic drives begin! Trails are open to hikers, and our refuge roads are open to biking, and horseback riding.

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge provides nesting, feeding and breeding habitats for many different species, from tiny golden crowned kinglets to black bears and bobcats. Visitors can enjoy the refuge by car, foot, bike or horseback. A large portion of the refuge is a designated wilderness area, and provides an escape from the chaos of modern life. Come out and enjoy!

103 Headquarters Road, Baring, ME 04694 USA